• Have your morning meal at a former Ottoman residence nestled in a lovely park
  • The traditional spread features an array of authentic dishes with plenty to go around
  • Work off brunch with a stroll to a castle-esque porcelain factory with exquisite china

The first meal of the day is a big deal in Turkey. The traditional spread features an array of little dishes for grazing and sharing: hot tea, crusty sesame bagels (simit), eggs scrambled with tomato and chili (menemen), spicy sausage (sucuk), olives, cheeses, fruit, preserves, pastries, and even clotted cream from buffalo milk (kaymak). At the Malta Köşkü, a 15-minute walk from the Conrad Istanbul Bosphorus, the breakfast buffet (weekends only, 9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.) is piled with more than 60 dishes. The sumptuous former Ottoman residence is secluded in Yıldız Park—once the sultan’s private hunting grounds and now the largest and loveliest park in Istanbul. Work off brunch (you won’t need lunch) with an uphill stroll to the Yıldız Porcelain Factory, which looks more like a medieval castle. Pick up some exquisite hand-painted china and admire the unbeatable Bosphorus views.

​Head to Yıldız Park on the north bank of the Bosphorus. You’ll find Malta Köşkü in the south section of the park. The porcelain factory is here, too, in the middle of the park. You can’t miss the factory’s medieval castle structure.

MALTA KÖSKÜ: Yıldız Park; +90-(0)212-258-9453; beltur.com.tr/malta-kosku.asp

YIDIZ PORCELAIN FACTORY: Yıldız Park; +90-(0)212-236-9000; millisaraylar.gov.tr/portalmain-en/Default